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2021 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic


The Ongoing Impacts of COVID-19:
A Survey of Arts and Cultural Organizations and Creative Businesses

Americans for the Arts has been tracking the human and financial impacts of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. As the virus continues to rage in our communities, so does its devastation of the nation’s arts sector. Cancellations have taken place at virtually every arts organization across the country, artists are among the most severely affected segment of the nation’s workforce, and 1 in 10 arts businesses doubt their ability to survive.

This new survey will continue to gather the impact data that are critical to our collective advocacy efforts. In addition, as we all follow the hopeful news about vaccine distribution, this survey also gathers information about the challenges facing the arts sector in the relief/recovery and re-opening processes.

All types of arts and cultural organizations should participate in this survey:
  • Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations across all artistic disciplines (including service organizations)
  • Government arts agencies, departments, divisions, programs, and facilities
  • For-profit and commercial creative businesses
  • Programs that operate under the umbrella of a parent organization or fiscal agent
  • Unincorporated programs/collectives

You may save a partially-completed survey by clicking the "Save and Continue Later" button at the bottom of each page and following the instructions. You may also review a PDF of the national survey before completing this online form.

If you are an individual such as a practicing artist/creative worker/culture bearer, an educator/teaching artist, a creative entrepreneur, and/or a hobby artist, click here to complete our separate survey for individuals.

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